Our Non Traditional Christmas

paper advetures blog hop

Welcome to another Paper Adventures Blog Hop with the creations inspired by the ‘Non Traditional Christmas.’

If you are like me when I hear; or the word ‘Christmas’ comes to mind I instantly think of the colours Red, Green and White- (to cover the snow element.) Many families, friends and strangers coming together to share in the festive season and the spirit of Christmas.

The anticipation and lead up to Christmas is a very exciting time when children and adults alike count down the 25 days until ‘Santa’ comes. Many of the advent calendars on the market today either have chocolates in them which my husband I tend to become children again when we purchase one just for fun. Having a baby in the house also now gives us more of an excuse…. now who doesn’t love that!

This blog hop however has the inspiration for the non traditional Christmas… something a little more out of the box which puts the creative elements a bit more into the mix.

So I hope you love what I have created just as much as I do and enjoy our Paper Adventures Blog Hop for November.

The 7 Days till Christmas good wishes box.


With the season of good will in mind when it especially comes to Christmas I have created a 7 draw event box which contains one ‘Pay It Forward’ note. Now I have just thought of a few different ones as you can see below


Each day ( from 1 to 7) a draw is opened to reveal a task for that day, the idea is to make someone’s day just that little bit brighter.




I hope you continue on with the hop over on Facebook to the very creative and lovely Sheila Pybus from Dalyellup Designs.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out Tall Journeys and hope you enjoy all of the Paper Adventures Teams fantastic creations!


9 thoughts on “Our Non Traditional Christmas

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    • Thank you Siobhan and to think I had no idea where to start or what to create I am thrilled with what I was able to achieve for this blog. Like you said it can be used for many things, it’s always handy creating something versatile also high I must admit the colour choices where difficult but I am so in love with sweet sugarplum


  4. Wow – this idea is just fabulous! Your creation is pretty but I am blown away by the whole concept. I love it! In a season that can be very consuming, what a nice prompt to step back and think of how you can make someone else’s day brighter. I am going to work through these in December! Kelly x


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